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Workplace Engagement, Job Satisfaction and Team Building

How to strengthen the professional, social and mental work environment

Trust the power of now by breaking simple habits that disrupt workplace intention and shared vision. Establish daily techniques to motivate employees to do something new creating genuine job satisfaction leading to increased engagement, productivity, and innovation. 

Individuals are looking for enjoyment and seek to reach goals and actualize talents, skills, and interests in the workplace. Thomas Flindt will passionately introduce your team to the habits and attitudes that will shape their daily workflow, both professionally, and personally. Thomas’ expertise in workplace development has pivoted stagnant environments to dynamic & engaging workplaces. In his interactive workshop, Thomas will lead you, and your colleagues through mental and physical exercises creating work joy and excitement – establishing new goals and standards for collaboration and communication. 

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  • Approach tasks & relationships with energetic well-developed creativity & imagination
  • Achieve work joy by establishing health-sustainable daily habits
  • Enjoy quality relationships by being present and in the moment 
  • Increase imagination, creativity, and collaborative skills
  • Build a win-win mentality – seeing diversity as a potential
  • Create motivation and insight into the value of appreciative communication
  • Receive concrete tools to become more focused and goal-oriented 

About the speaker:
Thomas Flindt has a strong passion for motivating people to get the most out of life, both inside and outside the workplace. The common thread in Thomas’ presentation is to focus on qualities, strengths, relationships and actions that can lift you and your colleagues in everyday life. Thomas has 19 years of experience as a professional speaker at workplaces throughout Denmark. Your team will have a fun, motivating, and habit-breaking experience with one of Denmark’s leading experts in the field of bringing joy to the workplace. Thomas Flindt is the author of several books including, Go ‘Arbejdsdag – håndbog i arbejdsglæde. He has great references from both the public and the private sector. 

Arbejdsglæde Engelsk Thomas Flindt

Arbejdsglæde på Engelsk med Thomas Flindt


“Thanks for a really good lecture today. It became significantly more inspiring than I had imagined. There was a lot of psychology and positive psychology in your presentation, and skillfully and inspiringly presented. I have been to several similar lectures by the municipality of Esbjerg, and they were good, but I think that this presentation, in particular, gave both practical tools and inspiration to implement them!” Peter M. Jacobsen. Psychologist, Jobcenter Esbjerg Municipality.

“My expectations were not already the greatest. I have heard of the same topic soon until several times. However, I was pleasantly surprised by an – in my opinion – exceptionally inspiring and engaging performance by Thomas Flindt. I was 100% involved from the start, and will definitely try to use the tools that Thomas discussed in the future. To date, no one else has made me realize the usefulness of already known tools for a good and positive lifestyle, both in private life and on the job. The hours sped off. I could ‘well have’ heard even more! I definitely expect myself and my colleagues to benefit from Thomas’ humorous approach to the subject – and am sure they will be used. Already, my workplace is characterized by great help, sparring and humor, but I think we might be even better at this – at least the tools are served after Thomas’ ‘performance’. All in all, the hours have given thought to matter.” Robertino Rasmussen, Psychiatry – Region Zealand

“Thomas Flindt is a present and charismatic teacher who is at eye level with his audience. He delivered is a super good lecture with useful and simple tools that can easily be used every day. The lecture harmonized nicely with our theme day and the content could be used by all staff groups.” Martin N. Andersen, Operations Manager, Gentofte Municipality | Technology and Environment | Park and Road

*Price is calculated based on the number of participants and the number of hours.

Read references – tlf. 28 92 00 78

Arbejdsglæde foredrag på engelsk hos GN StoreNord. Lecture at GN StoreNords officebuilding in Ballerup. Click on the picture.

Arbejdsglæde Engelsk Version 25.11.2021 hos GN StoreNord 

Efter flere måneders social nedlukning pga Covid-19, fik vi endelig lov til at afholde et event, og valget faldt naturligt på Thomas Flindt’s Arbejdsglæde foredrag. Thomas var i sit rette element og leverede varen til UG. Thomas fik med sin entusiasme alle med i de små indlagte øvelser og alle udtrykte efterfølgende at de havde fået meget brugbar viden af foredraget, på en sjov og lærerig måde. Jeg har efterfølgende fået mange henvendelser fra kollegaer, der har givet udtryk for deres begejstring over Thomas’ foredrag.Det har givet dem et løft i deres hverdag, og tanker til reflektion. Helt sikkert et foredrag der bidrager til øget arbejdsglæde. Cristine Søgaard, GN Hearing A/S

GN StoreNord OHS gruppen Lautrupbjerg 7  2750 Ballerup 

Arbejdsglæde Engelsk GN StoreNord

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